Guided Meditation 2: 10 minute Mindfulness Circle, Guided Mindfulness and Compassion Practices

(if you left click on the play buttons and ‘save as’ to your computer you can save the audio file to listen to)

Guided Meditation 1: 10 minute body scan and mindfulness of body sensations:

Guided Meditation 2: 10 minute mindfulness of breathing:

Guided Meditation 3: 10 minute Mindfulness of Sounds

Guided Meditation 4: 10 minute Mindfulness of Thoughts and Emotions

The Mindfulness Circle Mindfulness Practices on Youtube:

Dropping Anchor


Urge Surfing

Recommended Free Guided Mindfulness Practices:

This page at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (Bangor University) provides a lot of excellent free guided mindfulness practices: Bangor Guided Mindfulness Practices

Mark Williams (Oxford Mindfulness Centre) has provided these free guided mindfulness exercises which are highly recommended: finding peace in a frantic world guided meditations

Dave Vago (neuroscience expert and mindfulness practitioner) has provided this brilliant page of free mindfulness resources: Starting a meditation practice

Compassion Practices

Guided Meditation: 10 minute Compassion Meditation

Barbara Fredrickson is one of the leading scientific researchers on the benefit of compassion meditation. She has provided this wonderful free page of guided practices

Kristin Neff is a pioneer in the benefits of self compassion and she has a wonderful set of guided self compassion meditation

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