Would you like an open and supportive space to explore emotional and mental difficulties? To learn skills to handle difficult emotions & mental states like depression and anxiety, so you can create and start living the life you truly value? Would you like to become kinder and more supportive to yourself and develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with others? Then therapy with Jonny would be an ideal space for you.

Jonny has a diploma in integrative counselling from the Minster Centre. He has trained with many of the top practitioners and theorists in evidence based psychotherapies. His main influences come from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). He has trained with Kelly Wilson and Kirk Strohsal in ACT and with Paul Gilbert and Chris Irons in Compassion Focused Therapy. He has extensive experience of working with clients with a wide range of mental health challenges. He developed this from his experience in Counselling in the NHS and teaching Mindfulness, ACT and CFT groups for the NHS and Mind.

Additionally Jonny has his own history with mental health challenges and so he deeply understands the pain and suffering of anxiety and mood disorders. This strengthens both his empathy and skills in helping clients to recover from mental health difficulties.

He offers therapy from a number of central London locations including London Bridge and also South East London.

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