Mindful Resolutions – The Daily Savour

Savouring is a lovely short practice to integrate into your day if you feel you are lacking pleasant emotions like joy, pleasure, happiness etc. It takes the attentional skills of #mindfulness and turns it towards pleasant and enjoyable daily experiences and the feelings in your body.


For anyone struggling with #OCD I highly recommend Dr Z’s course. Compassionate, practical and clear processes and tools to help get unstuck and back to living a life of meaning and purpose…#ocdcommunity #ERP #pureo #values #ACT #compassion #exposuretherapy

Patricia E. Zurita Ona@DrZ_behaviorist

Wondering if the ACT Beyond OCD online course is right for you? It could be, but don't take my word for it...

To learn more about ACT Beyond OCD, visit http://actbeyondocd.com.

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#selfcompassion #compassionfocusedtherapy #cft #kindness #mindfulness @365dayscompass

The good news about emotions? They're a resource we all have.

Anger signposts that a value is being threatened.
Grief is love looking for a home.
Loneliness signals a desire for connection.

Our emotions contain information we need--if we're just open to learning from them.

Let's Chat #ACT 5 - 'Should I Take a Break from #OCD #ERP & Skills?' with @DrZ_behaviorist https://youtu.be/6b0zZ_3gz6s

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