Mindful Resolutions – Gratitude, 3 Good Things 2.0

So far our short practices have covered mindfulness and compassion skills. Here is a way to do gratitude that can be integrated into daily life with ease. I find gratitude is incredibly supportive when we appreciate opportunities in the future, experiences in the present and events in the past. This version of the ‘three good things’ practice focuses on each of these aspects of gratitude.

Acknowledge pain and respond with #kindness. Validation, empathy, motivation, acceptance, instructional, kindness reminder, celebratory, appreciation, common humanity. Kind self-talk is so useful for #selfcompassion

#Mindfulness is like building up the muscles to support and protect an injured area. #Compassion is applying a soothing balm, warm soak, massages etc to the pain in an ongoing supportive way. The injury may heal or at least the impact will be minimised...

We can lean towards #flow states by controlling variables like time, quality, efficiency, spatial etc to make an activity at the edge of our skill level. Not too easy, not too hard. Also training a relaxed focus through #mindfulness and applying it helps...

The new and improved https://www.themindfulnesscircle.com is up with updated guided meditation library. Check it out and share with anyone looking for #mindfulness and #compassion based therapy & coaching, corporate wellbeing training and free resources

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