Mindful Resolutions – Last Minute Mindfulness

Our next option in the series on short #mindfulness practices is last minute mindfulness. This means committing to at least doing a short practice last thing before bed. You could work through any of the practices we have done so far, or follow along with a short recording or app. If we set this intention and reflect on making this a habit, it will start to come naturally to you through association.


Acknowledge pain and respond with #kindness. Validation, empathy, motivation, acceptance, instructional, kindness reminder, celebratory, appreciation, common humanity. Kind self-talk is so useful for #selfcompassion

#Mindfulness is like building up the muscles to support and protect an injured area. #Compassion is applying a soothing balm, warm soak, massages etc to the pain in an ongoing supportive way. The injury may heal or at least the impact will be minimised...

We can lean towards #flow states by controlling variables like time, quality, efficiency, spatial etc to make an activity at the edge of our skill level. Not too easy, not too hard. Also training a relaxed focus through #mindfulness and applying it helps...

The new and improved https://www.themindfulnesscircle.com is up with updated guided meditation library. Check it out and share with anyone looking for #mindfulness and #compassion based therapy & coaching, corporate wellbeing training and free resources

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